Protecting key personnel

Managing the risk that could ultimately threaten your company’s profits

A vital part of any business is the people who work there. But what if something happened to one of the key personnel in your business, for example, if an important member of staff died unexpectedly or became unable to work due to a serious illness. This could have a considerable impact on the core operations, sales and profit of your business.
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Purchased Life Annuity

Securing an income for the rest of your lifetime

If you are looking for a secure income that will not fall in value or eventually run out, an option to consider is a Purchased Life Annuity (PLA). A PLA pays you income in the same way as a pension annuity. However, it is bought using your own money rather than with money in a pension. The insurance company you choose to buy the PLA from will pay you a secure income for the rest of your lifetime in exchange for your capital.
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